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Minecraft is Mithrintia's original project, and lifelong devotion. Creative building within Minecraft is truly an art, and we at Mithrintia aspire to continue to make creative design a larger industry and a bigger success.

From the smallest servers and our original Byodo-In Temple to massive projects commissioned by Disney or our Valneria Islands project, we've helped Minecraft grow from the smallest of grassroots communities to a much larger, successful industry that thousands have made their passion.



Our Creations:

From June of 2011 to May of 2015, Mithrintia focused primarily on the creation of high quality creations within Minecraft. Working with some of the most talented builders in the business, some of the most iconic and game-changing builds in Minecraft history were made on the old Mithrintia public server. Check out some of those creations here!

For more information on our builds within Minecraft, check out our YouTube or PlanetMinecraft accounts!


Our Contests And Events:

Since retiring our creative team, we have since taken the privilege of running several community contests on the popular fan site PlanetMinecraft. Some contests, we have run completely, creating the map, the judge team, the lore, and more, while others we sit back and simply help out where we're needed. These contests have been massive successes, with the result of many beautiful builds being submitted by teams such as BlockWorks, Pandora's Blocks, MysticAbsents, and more. Check out some of these contests here!


The YouCube Convention:

We at Mithrintia also had the opportunity to help out with the event organization of YouCube, a fan-run convention held in NYC during the summer of 2014 following the collapse and subsequent cancellation of the unrelated Mine-O-Rama convention, and the controversy following it. YouCube attracted the attention of the Minecraft community, and we ended up hosting over 1500 people at the Metropolitan Pavilion in lower Manhattan!

Mithrintia members Rapp and Mason (AyreTV) had the amazing opportunity to help out with the running and organization of this convention, with Mason even picking out the name and helping with the graphic design for the convention! You can check out a brief montage of that convention below; keep an eye out for Rapp and Mason in the video!