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About Us

About Mithrintia:

Mithrintia was started in 2011 on a multiplayer server in Minecraft, by a group of passionate individuals who wanted to show what type of amazing creations could be made within the game. Throughout 2011 and 2012, Mithrintia grew into one of the prominent creative collectives in the scene, and in 2013 exerted their dominance over the scene through partnerships with Hypixel, the world's most successful multiplayer server, and other major entities and YouTubers. The team has been lucky enough to include many of the Minecraft world's most talented individuals, including those who later went on to start their own teams, resulting in groups you know today as BlockWorks, Pandora's Blocks, Athion, HPBT, Cephyr, and more. 

Finally, in 2015, Mithrintia as a production & design team was shut down, and the group now primarily focuses on running communities, contests, tournaments, and creating content for both Minecraft and Super Smash Bros. Although our production for anything Minecraft has certainly slowed, we absolutely love Minecraft as a game, and will continue to participate in the community and support the creative scene as best we can, while also working on growing the Super Smash Bros. scene as well.

Key Individuals


Bryan Rapp (Rapp)

Based out of Lynchburg, VA, Bryan Rapp was the original founder of Mithrintia back in 2011, starting the company when he was 15. Since then, he's been lucky enough to be around through all of Mithrintia's history, including during our time with Hypixel, and has truly grown up with the game, even making a living off of running the group for a short time. Now, he's a full time accounting student, and looks to in his spare time work on growing the local Smash scene.


Aaron Pearson (Xenzu)

Based out of Ascot, England, Aaron Pearson joined up with Mithrintia in early 2014, to immediately save Rapp from a world of booze and failing at server administration. Since then, he's been a key member in keeping the team sane and keeping Mithrintia running. Currently working a full time tech job, he still works for Mithrintia on the side, and occasionally reminds Rapp that he's pretty bad at video games and, well, most things compared to his suave English counterpart. Seriously, the suaveness is unfair.

Support Us!


The best way to help us is by supporting us on social media; when we release content, if you enjoyed it please retweet it or spread it as you please. Attending our tournaments is another great way to show your appreciation; we run these things both for our own enjoyment and for our desire to grow the community; to do that, we need people to show up.